Taxes & Bonuses

The ability to view your Territory Standing bonuses seems to still be bugged or removed, so here are some workarounds:
Refining Station: Please visit a workstation to view your taxes for refining. Mouse over each tier to see an item list.
Trading Tax: As of the Winter 2022 Update, this is now fixed at 5%
Standing Discount: Visit the Trading Post and select an item that is at least 100g. To calculate your discount:
Territory Standing Discount / Listing Fee. Example: 2148.91 / 11250 = 19.1
Listing Duration: Used to calculate profits for selling items.
Company Territory: 30% discount to trading post and workstation fees within the territory.
First Light: 10% bonus to refining yield.
Weaver's Fen: 10% discount to trading post taxes.
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Refining Station

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Territory Bonuses